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Installing Plugin

How to Install UBE for Elementor Before you begin, make sure that you have installed & activated Elementor Plugin on your website. Follow these steps below to install UBE for Elementor: Step 1:  Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Then in the search box, put out this keyword ‘UBE’. Then […]

Configuring Elements

UBE Addons allow you to activate/deactivate elements as per your requirement. This lets you speed up your website by only enabling the elements you will be needing and disabling the ones you have no interest in using. Follow these steps for configuring elements in UBE Addons. How To Configure UBE Addons Elements First, navigate to your WordPress […]

Using Elements

How to Use UBE Addons Elements You will see UBE Addons elements listed in the Elementor Sidebar. Open the Elementor Editor, scroll down a little to find the UBE Addons elements. For your convenience, the names of every UBE Addons element has tag UBE.   Drag any UBE Addons element into the builder interface just like […]

Get Support

How to Get Support for UBE You could get support for Free version of UBE from support section.