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How To Use A Timeline Widget Of UBE Addons

If you’re solely looking to showcase your website timeline horizontally and give it an elegant look, then the timeline widget of UBE could be the best option for you.

Yes, now you can display all your website’s timeline such as any updates, changelogs, or blog-posts using this widget. Also, you can customize it according to your own way.

Anyways, this documentation will walk you through how easily you can use and customize the timeline widget on your WordPress site.

Using Timeline:

You can see the below video to get an insight into how you can use the Timeline Widget to create beautiful designs. Or you can follow the documentation whichever you find convenient.

How to Activate Timeline

To use this UBE Addons element, find the Timeline‘ element from the Search option under the ELEMENTS tab. Simply just Drag & Drop the Timeline into the Drag widget here‘ or the ‘+’ section.

How to Configure Content Settings

Under the ‘Content’ tab, you will find the Timeline sections.


Style: choose an available style of the timeline

Each item of timeline include:

Time Enter the time
Title Enter the title
Content Enter the content
Active Allowed to activate or not

How to Style Timeline

Switch to the ‘Style’ tab to style all the elements of Timeline.


‘Wrapper’ section lets you Size Time Box, Feature Color to the Timebox and line of Timeline.


‘Title’ section lets you add Text Color, Typography, Margin to the title of timeline.


‘Time’ section lets you add Typography and Text Color to the time of timeline.


‘Content’ section lets you add Typography and Text Color to the content of timeline.

Final Outcome

By following these mentioned steps and a bit more modifying & styling, you can easily design your Timeline as per your preference.

By using UBE Timeline, this is how you can easily put the spotlight on your significant contents & make them appealing to your visitors.

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